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The following "Terms for Users" are binding for you whenever you are visiting our site Gigajob.com.

Terms for Users

(Version 1.2 dated April 22nd, 2013).
If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not then use our online content and must refrain from entering our website.
1. General
The Gigajob online content is a publication of Netzmarkt, with a registered office at Erlangen in Bavaria, Germany. It is assumed that visitors (hereafter referred to as users) completely accept the following terms and conditions for the use of all internet services of Netzmarkt. Further, certain additional and/or deviating clauses can come into effect for the use of certain services or service features. You are referred to those clauses even before you attempt to use the relevant service or service features. If you use this website, you acknowledge the validity of these terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not then use our online content and must refrain from entering our website.
2. Conditional Performance of our Internet Services
If the user takes advantage of this online content without paying anything to Netzmarkt, they automatically renounce any performance liability against Netzmarkt. Netzmarkt reserves the right to alter, delete, or expand all unpaid services or performances of duties, entirely or partially, at will and without prior notice. Consequently, users on their part cannot lay any claim on the utilization or availability of the service or certain service features so long as they have not entered into a legally binding written contract with Netzmarkt in which Netzmarkt guarantees them the provision of certain services for a fee.
3. Delays in Performance of Duties
Netzmarkt compensates the user for certain losses/claims arising out of delays in performing contractually promised duties up to the maximum extent of payments made by them in the last 24 months to Netzmarkt, prior to the occurrence of such delays in duties for which they have already made payments to Netzmarkt.
4. Liability
Netzmarkt does not guarantee any information transmitted via its infrastructure, in particular, its completeness, correctness, or relevance; nor are these free and clear of third party rights. Liability claims against Netzmarkt, caused by the use of the offered contents (due to defective or incomplete information), are in principle excluded if no proof or intentional negligence exists on the part of Netzmarkt. This applies to possible consequential damages caused to the user while taking advantage of this internet offer. The security in data networks, in which Netzmarkt publishes the online contents, is restricted. Consequently, Netzmarkt will not accept any liability for errors and disturbances that exist in the system itself or in other systems of participants or in the user's internal system. They should therefore abstain from asserting any claims that have their legal ground outside of disturbances attributable to one of the parties of the agreed performance duties of Netzmarkt. In particular, the user should abstain from asserting any claims that are caused by the so-called computer viruses like Trojans. From the aforementioned liability limitations, the regulations according to section 309 No. 7 (liability in the event of injury to life, body, health and due to gross negligence) and No. 8 BGB (other liability due to failure in performance of duty) remain intact.
5. Links/References to other Websites
Netzmarkt is not responsible for hyperlinks on Gigajob websites that refer to third party websites. Further, Netzmarkt dissociates itself from all online content belonging to third parties. The user should irrevocably abstain from making Netzmarkt liable for illegal, misleading, defective, or incomplete content of linked websites (and/or for damages that may be attributed to them).
6. Copyrights and Trademarks
All copyrights and trademarks belong to the respective owners and are mentioned on our internet website solely for information purposes. The mere mention of a registered trademark should not lead to the conclusion that it is not protected by third party rights.
7. Contributions of Third Parties
The online Gigajob content consists mostly of contributions from third parties (e.g., texts and pictures) that Netzmarkt usually publishes free of charge (e.g., postings of users). It is not possible for Netzmarkt to search and scrutinize such third party contents or to exercise direct active control over them. Therefore, Netzmarkt will also not accept any responsibility for this. The user should be aware that they can be exposed (in the context of this internet website) to disturbing contents that can be insulting, offensive, or objectionable. If a third party contribution violates the user rights, the user commits himself or herself to legally proceed exclusively against the originator of the law violation (e.g., the author of the respective contribution) and not against Netzmarkt.
8. Protected contents
This internet offer including all its parts (as also the underlying databases) is copyrighted and is solely meant for individual, private use. Any use going beyond that, especially the inclusion into an intranet or internet offer constitutes a breach of rights, which will result in liability for payment of compensation. Any commercial use of the contents, data, or web design features is inadmissible without the written approval of Netzmarkt. This applies especially to duplications by copying, translations, and also to storage or processing in electronic systems.
9. Exclusion of Guarantee
The use of this internet offer is carried out at the sole risk of the user. The services or service features found in each case to be suitable by Netzmarkt are offered subject to availability. Netzmarkt does not guarantee that the services/service features are available always without interruption, free of faults, and in a timely and reliable manner. In particular, Netzmarkt does not guarantee the correctness and reliability of the information received via this internet offer or for the quality of goods, services, or information received in connection with this internet offer. Also, Netzmarkt does not guarantee that the online contents correspond to expectations of users. Downloading and other receipt of contents in connection with this internet offer may take place at the users own risk. Users alone are responsible for damages to their computer system or other technical devices, for the loss of data, or for other damages due to downloading of contents or other transactions in connection with this internet offer. Suggestions the user receives in the context of this internet offer do not justify any guarantee from Netzmarkt unless previously agreed upon by contract.
10. Severability Clause
If individual clauses of these terms and conditions do not correspond to existing laws, the remaining clauses remain unaffected by them. Ineffective clauses would be replaced, if possible, by those that are effective in order to comply with the desired economic and/or legal goals.


If you want to publish your own content on Gigajob, you need to also agree to the following Terms for Contributors before you can start posting your ads (CV and/or job offers) here.

General Terms and Conditions of Participation

(Version 1.5 dated April 22, 2013)
1. General
Netzmarkt Internet Service GmbH & Co. KG (“Netzmarkt”), based in Erlangen/Bavaria, allows viewers of this website (“users”) to make their own contributions to the site free of charge (possibly under certain conditions). By using this website, the contributor automatically gives his or her absolute and unrestricted consent to the rules herein. Users who wish to become contributors must read, acknowledge, and comply with the subsequent regulations.
2. Terms of Service
The contributor has read and fully acknowledges all of the terms of service for use of this Internet site.
3. Reservation of Rights
Netzmarkt reserves the right to temporarily or permanently terminate or modify any contribution or post on the site for any reason at any time. Netzmarkt also reserves the right to bar, either partially or totally, use of this site. The contributor irrevocably acknowledges Netzmarkt's right. Additionally, the contributor waives the right to contest Netzmarkt's decisions regarding approval/non-approval of contributions or contributors. The contributor also waives the right to hold Netzmarkt liable for any limitations, modifications, interruptions, suspensions, or discontinuance, or any purported losses, harm or damages arising from or related to the execution of the aforementioned powers.
4. Legal Responsibility
Due to large numbers of contributions, is it not possible for Netzmarkt to thoroughly monitor or have active control over content posted by contributors (data, text, software, sound recordings, photos, graphics, videos, or other assorted materials). Therefore Netzmarkt assumes no legal responsibility for contributor content. The contributor assumes all legal responsibility for: his or her own content, and the publication or private transmission thereof within Netzmarkt's infrastructure. If a third party violates the contributor's rights, the contributor agrees to legally proceed exclusively against the third party and not against Netzmarkt or Netzmarkt representatives.
The contributor agrees to comply with all lawful provisions. In the event of non-compliance, the contributor agrees to compensate Netzmarkt for any damage or loss that results. Contributor compliance includes (but is not limited to) thoroughly reviewing of content to make certain there are no violations of copyright, trademark, patent, competition, civil rights, or product liability laws.
Netzmarkt is particularly sensitive to association with any reputation damage caused by content that violates the following German legal norms: pornography (§184 StGB), sedition (§ 130 StGB), libel, slander, and defamation of character (§ 185-188 StGB), and incitement to crime ((§ 130a StGB). In the case that a contributor posts content that violates these laws, the contributor hereby agrees to pay restitution for loss or damage to Netzmarkt.
Third-party links are not generally permitted in contributor content unless clearly indicated in Netzmarkt rules, regulations, and terms of use. The contributor acknowledges that he or she is solely responsible for any third-party content/website he or she links to. In case of linking, contributors hereby assume responsibility for ensuring the third-party content complies with Netzmarkt's terms of contribution, use, and participation. The contributor also acknowledges that Netzmarkt is not liable for any content belonging to third parties.
5. Contribution Quality
The contributor hereby agrees to keep his or her content free of rights of third parties. Furthermore, the contributor agrees that all information represented is truthful, complete, current, and posted in good faith and does not contain libel, slander, defamation of character, or rough or offensive language. Contributors also agree not to use the framework of their content as advertisement for themselves or a third-party.
6. Alteration of Content
Netzmarkt reserves the right to alter, shorten, add to, or delete any contributor content at its sole discretion. The contributor hereby confirms he or she is in agreement with the full extent of Netzmarkt's right to modify his or her content.
7. Publication of Contributions
The contributor guarantees sole ownership of contribution rights. For the purpose of publication, the participant hereby transmits all rights to his or her content to Netzmarkt so far as it is allowed by law. Netzmarkt accepts this transference. The intended use of the content by Netzmarkt includes publication on this and other websites, as well as release in the form of email alerts, newsletters, printed media, software, and other media forms. The contributor acknowledges that no compensation claims (i.e. usage fees, licensing fees, allowances, etc) whatsoever can be made against Netzmarkt for the release of submitted content. The contributor agrees to put his or her content at Netzmarkt's disposal free of charge.
Netzmarkt is hereby free to post content from contributors in any editorial context, even on platforms operated by third parties. Netzmarkt is not responsible for the defense of contributor copyrights.
8. Contribution/Content Deletion
If after publication the contributor wishes to modify or delete his or her content, he or she is obligated to use the website's management interface. There are no alternative methods (e-mail, phone call, fax etc) of communicating a modification or deletion. There may be some delay before a successful modification or deletion is noticeable on each internet site. If any third party (such as: search engines, internet catalogs, Netzmarkt marketing partners, print publications, etc) has also taken over content from the contributor, Netzmarkt rejects all liability.
Netzmarkt also assumes no obligation to work with third parties regarding desired modifications or deletions, even if the use in question took place due to Netzmarkt's consent or tolerance. It is the contributor's sole duty and responsibility to directly contact and communicate with third parties concerning the removal or modification of contributor content. The contributor hereby declares that he or she will not involve Netzmarkt or its representatives further in such cases.
9. Abuse by Third Parties
Due to the nature of the internet, all published contributor content (or an element thereof) is unfortunately in danger of being downloaded, distributed, or abused by third parties. Netzmarkt hereby emphatically rejects all responsibility for third party abuse, downloading, or distribution of contributor content. In such cases the contributor agrees that no claims or legal action of any kind will be made against Netzmarkt or its representatives.
10. Confidentiality
The contributor is solely responsible for keeping his or her username and password secret from third parties. If abuse or misuse is suspected, Netzmarkt is to be immediately informed. It is the contributor's responsibility to log out at the end of every session if and when other people use the same computer.
11. Third Party Liability
In case of a violation against the terms and conditions set forth herein, the contributor releases Netzmarkt and its representatives from responsibility for any third party claims immediately upon request.
12. Liability between Contributor and Netzmarkt
If the contributor violates any of the rules laid out in these terms and conditions of participation, the contributor is obligated to replace damages or losses to Netzmarkt. Netzmarkt is not liable for loss or damage arising from failure to comply with the user or contributor terms and conditions.
The extent of Netzmarkt's legal responsibility to the contributor shall be no more than the amount paid by the contributor in the 24 months preceding the liability case, the total performance fee the contributor paid for the service in question.
Of the limitations of liability above, the provisions according to §309 No. 7 (liability in the event of injury to life, body, health as well as gross negligence) and No. 8 BGB (other liability due to failure in performance of duty) remain unaffected.
13. Data/Privacy Protection
The contributor hereby declares to be in agreement with Netzmarkt's privacy policy as found on our Gigajob website (“Privacy”).
In accordance with §33 passage 1 of the Federal Protection Act and §4 of the TeleService Data Protection Regulation, the contributor is hereby informed that Netzmarkt will save the contributor's address in machine-readable form and mechanically process it for tasks allowed by contract. The possibility exists that the input provided within the site consists of personal or business data (email address, name, postal address). The contributor hereby states that the disclosure of this data is done on a completely voluntary basis.
Netzmarkt handles contributor data confidentially, but cannot rule out or guarantee that data will not be spied upon, modified or deleted through malfunction, technical interference, hackers etc. Netzmarkt is not responsible for saving or archiving any data whatsoever. Netzmarkt is not responsible for the replacement of data.
14. Severability Clause
Even if any of the provisions in this contributor agreement are rendered unenforceable under existing laws, the legality of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired in any way. Voided clauses will be replaced with valid provisions whenever possible in order to comply with applicable economic and/or legal purposes.
Right of revocation
Legal right of revocation for the booking of Gigajob services liable for costs

You have the legal right to revoke your contract with Netzmarkt Internetservice GmbH & Co. KG within 14 days upon contract conclusion without stating any reasons. To execute your right of revocation you have to inform Netzmarkt Internetservice GmbH & Co. KG in an explicit declaration of intent (i.e. a written letter sent via postal mail, fax, or e-mail) about your decision to revoke your contract.

To protect your right of revocation it is sufficient to send your written notification before the end of your revocation time-limit.
Consequences of revocation

Once you have executed your right of revocation Netzmarkt Internetservice GmbH & Co. KG is obliged to refund all payments received from you without delay and within 14 days upon receipt of your written notice. The same payment type chosen for the original transaction applies for refunding, unless otherwise agreed upon. Under no circumstances will there be fees on your behalf for refunding your payment.

If requested by you that performance of the contract be commenced before the end of your revocation time-limit you are obliged to the payment of an adequate amount which is in proportion to the extent of the service already provided in comparison with the full coverage of the contract.
The above items are legal texts and not always easy to understand, but nevertheless important and binding for you. So please carefully go through them. We have prepared some other pages for you. There we explain in "normal language" the best practice for using Gigajob. Those pages are meant for your convenience, only. In case there is a conflict in meaning between them and the legal texts to be found on this page, the legal texts have always priority. Thanks for your understanding.

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